Welcome to the Ultimate Healer System

Tom Heintz Introduces the Ultimate Healer System and what is involved in the online training. Explaining the 5 modules you will learn and access to the charts that have been created to assist you in identifying the imbalances that need clearing so the body can heal itself.


Ultimate Healer 2.0

Are you ready to take your Energy Healing skills to another level? Introducing the expanded system that allows you to locate and identify imbalances in the body using techniques and charts previously unavailable.


What's Included in the Course?

5 Training Modules

60+ Pages of Charts

3 one-on-one Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is designed to last around 10 weeks. Every 2 weeks you will receive another module in the course. There are 5 Q&A webinars that will be held every other Wednesday evening at 8 pm CST on Zoom. There will be a special link and a password to attend them. They will be recorded for future listening.

There are 5 modules which include a number of videos in each. There are also downloads in some of them. It is expected to take 10 weeks to go through the course, but it is up to you to practice and go at the speed you are comfortable with. It is expected that you will go over the videos and PDF's to better understand the material and charts.

Every 2 weeks you will receive another module. You will have a total of 5 modules to go through.

There are also download pages to get the charts for that section of the module if you are making payments. If you are a full one time payment student, you will receive all of the charts at the beginning so you can start creating your own book. Multiple payment students will receive the charts that apply to the module.

The best way to ensure you have your 45-60 min session is to schedule at www.thebodyemotions.com on the regular scheduler. Just select the time and method you prefer - ex: Zoom or Phone. Ignore the pricing. Also state what kind of session you are scheduling for ... ex: training, regular session or to do testing for your advancement.

No, once you join the Ultimate Healer group, you will have access to all the future versions of the Ultimate Healer classes. There may be some new material that requires separate training with another program, but the actual class will always be available to you. You learn at your own pace. Updated charts will be placed out with each version of the class.

I always try to record the training sessions using Zoom. If you are okay with sharing, they will be posted out with others on the website. If you want them to be personal, then I will make them available for download via Zoom. Personally, I recommend sharing in your learning experience to help others that may have questions. Usually these aren't very personal, just issues that need to be cleared up. If it is a personal session for your own benefit, I recommend you keep them confidential.

One of the beautiful components of this class is the Q&A webinars every 2 weeks. On these classes, you can find like minded people to practice with. By swapping sessions, you will learn things that they do and they will learn from you. It's a great way to network!

The short answer is NO. These are charts created from Tom Heintz and assembled from other topics and designed for the students that have paid for the course. You have invested in these ideas and charts, but it doesn't allow you to pass them out to others or to charge for them as if they were your own. You are welcome to create future charts of your own or to share. It's always great to have other sources, but the existing charts stay within the students who have invested in having this information to help themselves and others in the healing process. If there is a way to improve the charts for the existing group, please share and they can be upgraded!

Pricing Options

The price for the Ultimate Healer System is $1497, however I have created options for payments.




  • 5 - Online Training Modules
    (one every 2 weeks)
  • 60+ Pages with Charts
  • 3 - Live Personal
    Coaching Calls
  • 5 - live Q&A Webinars
    (one every 2 weeks)
  • Discount for Personal
    Session x5 Packages 
  • Bonus 1: Your Inner Gap Webinar - finding your Idolla
  • Bonus 2: Vision Call



PER MONTH (total of $1650)

  • 5 - Online Training Modules
    (one every 2 weeks)
  • 60+ Pages with Charts
  • 3 - Live Personal
    Coaching Calls
  • 5 - live Q&A Webinars
    (one every 2 weeks)

"I think this is probably the most important lesson of all. Its good to know the difference between Dr. Nelson and Mr.Heintz testing methods screening the emotion on chart and its source. My muscle testing results improved in speed and accuracy since upgraded my method with Mr. Heintz's lessons. It used to take me lot more time in finding an inherited emotion and some times could be missing it. Now, reprogramming my subconscious, teach it to find the source later by asking "is it yours, absorbed inherited" Also the 5.5 parts of you is unique upgrade, one could be absorbing from ego, inner-child etc... This method helps remove the issue faster and not likely for the exact issue to show-up again. Thanks Tom!"

Rakshit Amborci
Ultimate Healer Practitioner

"Hi, my name is Barbara Cole Salmeron. I became a client of Tom Heintz’s and I worked with him for two years doing Body and Emotion Code releases. I experienced such profound results that when he decided to do his certification program, The Ultimate Healer, I jumped on board with the first class. I was so excited to be able to learn to do what Tom does. The results have been amazing. I’ve really enjoyed doing sessions for clients and friends and family and pets, and now I’m at the live training where we are getting together and we’re doing even more advanced work, like group sessions where we all are working one-on-one per se, and then using our intuition. I’m just amazing at how my intuition is firing during this process! It’s been amazing. I highly recommend this program if you are trying to do this work and to help others on their path. Tom’s program has completely changed my life. "

Barbara Cole
Ultimate Healer Practitioner

"Hi, this is Sonia Carroll. I’m here at Tom Heintz’s Ultimate Healer Retreat. We’ve been to Sedona and now we’re here doing classes. It’s been really fun and exciting. I met Tom last year and did a session with him and I fell in love, so I jumped right into his first program and I’m learning as I go. I love how he does his charts and how he’s put everything together. He gives ideas first in the direction where somebody’s going and how to help. That has been amazing. So I’ve done other modalities and I just find this one fascinating with his charts and how he processes through it. I highly recommend the Ultimate Healer to anybody who would like to hear about it."

Sonia Carroll
Ultimate Healer Practitioner

"I am Daniella Lee and I am one of Tom’s Ultimate Healers. I met Tom a couple of years ago and I got amazing results during his sessions. Now I am on this journey as a healer and this weekend I am part of his retreat. I have met amazing like-minded, wonderful people and my brain is full of all these things I’m ready to put into practice. If you are thinking about being part of this amazing energy healing field, this is probably for you."

Daniella Lee
Ultimate Healer Practitioner

"Hi, my name is David Garnick. I was introduced to the Body Code and Emotion Code a long time ago. But as time has gone on and I’ve spent my time working with it, I’ve discovered that it doesn’t quite go as far as I would like to go with it. When I found out that Tom was teaching the Ultimate Healer Classes and all of the charts and everything that he’s got, I realized that he can actually go so much further beyond what the Body Code can do just by itself. We’ve had personal experience by having him work on our family and we appreciate it so much. Now I’m at this retreat because I want to be able to do the same thing. I want to be able to go far beyond and actually help people understand why they’re having problems and figure out what we can do to remove those things so a person can actually heal. This class has been so wonderful because we’ve been able to not only listen to presentations on amazing information, but we’ve also been able to work on each other and we’ve been able to watch Tom work with people that actually have real severe issues. He does it right in front of the class and we can actually give input and everything. So altogether, it’s been just an amazing class and it’s made me feel a lot more comfortable to be able to do the work myself. I certainly would recommend this for other people as well. "

David Garnick
Ultimate Healer Practitioner

"Hi, my name is Harvetta Strozier Colvin. I met Tom Heintz on a plane and found out that he specialized in self-sabotage. That was something that I thought I was really good at and he worked on me for about a year. It was so helpful that I followed him to one of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s seminars on the Emotion Code. In January of 2019, after 31 years of practicing law as an attorney, I resigned from my job as a state assistant attorney general and now I’m doing this work full time, being mentored by Tom. That’s why I’m here at his seminar on the Ultimate Healing System. I’ve been to other seminars with him and found that there really are no coincidences. Meeting him on that plane is one of the best things that’s happened to me. Every seminar I’ve been to with him, especially the ones that he has led, have brought more healing into my life and more skills and tools for me to use to help others. I now do this work pretty much as the next chapter in my life and I’m very grateful."

Harvetta Colvin
Ultimate Healer Practitioner

"Hi, I’m Reverend Marilyn Osborne. I joined the Ultimate Healers mid-summer of 2019. I was originally introduced to the work in 2017 by another practitioner for the Emotion Code. And the work was just phenomenal, so later, when I was introduced to Tom, it just expanded on what I was already working on. We began working on some of the things that I needed to heal and as a result of that, I wanted to share further with people. I am studying to do this work, not only for myself, but to be able to bring it to friends and family and others that I love who are interested in doing this work. Things are moving very fast but I have the support of the other Ultimate Healers, along with Tom, to help me along the way."

Marilyn Osborne
Ultimate Healer Practitioner

"Hi, my name is Andrea Kell and I’m a massage therapist from Brenham, Texas. I met Tom through my sister who referred him to me in Ft. Worth. So I drove from my town to Ft. Worth to meet with him and I was kind of blown away. In my business where I work with people all the time, I always wondered why you can work on some people who actually get well and then others who, for some reason, it’s just stuck, whatever the pain is or the releasing never actually happens. So I started looking outside the box and when I met Tom I realized that the Ultimate Healer was probably the answer to all my dreams in that when I work with a person and I’m not getting results, we can find the underlying cause. In coming to Arizona and visiting Tom and taking the class, I’ve learned a lot. Being able to take this modality home and use it with my clients, I feel that I will be able to grow my business exponentially, and be able to help people further and deeper into their understanding of what’s causing their pain."

Andrea Kell
Ultimate Healer Practitioner

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